Sadly our Long Time Drummer Mike Baars and Chaosity have decided to part ways, We thank him a lot and we wish him the best in his future pursuits ! We are also glad to announce that Chaosity will keep on moving in the plans ! Bas Dubbelman has joined the Ranks to bring the Machine Gun kicks to the music ! Current Line-Up Rico Snel - Guitars/Vocals Tams Csiszr - Guitars Robert de Gast - Bass/Vocals Bas Dubbelman - Drums Current "Live" Line-up Rico Snel - Guitars/Vocals Tams Csiszr - Guitars Leroy Klein - Bass ( Session ) Bas Dubbelman


    Sadly we must announce that our guitarist, Stan Vermeulen, will be leaving the band. His studies ask more of his time than Chaosity can spare. And since he doesn't want to slow the band down, he deceided to let us go massacre the world without him. Luckily this two faced horror is also a gentleman and he will be performing the booked live gigs until we find suitable replacement. So don't worry: no cancellations! Rests us to say: Thanx for the awesome time we had Stan! We'll miss you!


    Het spijt ons te moeten mededelen dat onze gitarist, Stan Vermeulen, de band gaat verlaten. Z'n studie vraagt meer tijd van hem dan Chaosity kan missen. En omdat hij de band niet wil tegenhouden, heeft hij besloten ons los te laten om zonder hem de wereld af te slachten. Gelukkig is deze two faced horror ook een heer en zal hij geboekte optredens gewoon spelen, tot we een geschikte vervanger hebben. Geen zorgen dus: er wordt nix gecancelled! Rest ons te zeggen: Thanx Stan voor de vette tijd samen! We gaan je missen!

    New Gigs and New Single ahead!

    9th of November @ Rockcafe Asgard, Beverwijk, NL
    with Villainy & Ensurrection

    More t.b.a.!

    Stay tuned for more updates or join us on Facebook to stay updated with the bands daily nonsense!


A horde which truly has been forged over the years,slaughtering their way around, leaving nothing but severed
spinal cords. The 4 butchers from Chaosity, the powerfull entities responsible for the Destruction, Chaos
and Massacres. Chaosity gives you the very sensation of the Horror and Agony that they master on their Instruments.

Stan Vermeulen, a two faced horror, slamming brutal chords deep into your brain,
tearing the very life out of you !

Robert de Gast, a true monstrosity who enjoys to pull out your intestines by hitting the low-ends,
this monster makes you hold your own guts and curses you in many tongues before the light vanishes !

Mike Baars, a fucking leviathan, who unleashes massive canon shots, decapitating crashes with blasts from hell,
this monster is capable of ripping whole bodies to shreds before you "see" it coming.

Rico Snel, the atrocious being, malovelent in his howls, heinous in his grunts and while cursing all life to hell,
he uses chords and vortexes to shred all that remains !

Mike Baars


Rico Snel

Guitar & Vocal

Robert de Gast


Stan Vermeulen



"Chaosity is a freakin' wall of sound, thrashing out a brutal offering
of pissed-off death metal that hinges on catchy riffs and killer dynamics

- New Wave of Thrash Metal Blog -  NWOTM, Weekend Breakdown: A killer list of thrash, punk, and death metal!


Our last demo "Mutilation Machine", recorded 2012
is FREE for you to DOWNLOAD!!



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